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The original Dutch milking cow breed. One of the most delicious meat available comes from the humble Dutch milking cow. The taste is full bodied, grassy and tender. Relatively unknown here in the Netherlands, it is however hugely popular in Spain. Our butcher selects the best cows after their milk production life is over, with only ten precent of the cows making the grade with their highly marbled meat. This is a true example of sustainable beef farming, with the meat being a by-product of the milking industry. Low food miles and an excellent spread of marbled fat.


Perfect for our Entrecote. At POMPSTATION we hang our meat in a 'dry age' chamber, where the humidity, temperature and air circulation are controlled and monitored. Here the moisture from the meat is gently pulled out (until about 20%) so that the meat becomes more tender and develops a slightly nutty taste. Here at POMPSTATION we hang our beef in the dry age chamber for 14 days. We feel that after this time the beef has the best flavour and texture. This is also how the famous steak houses of New York prepare their beef (such as Peter Lugar in the Bronx, or BLT in the Meat Packing District).


There are three bloodlines that the Black Wagyu can belong to, the Fujiyoshi, the Kedaka and the Tajiri. The Wagyu from St Joseph's Hoeve carries the bloodline from Kedaka and Tajiri. Here at POMPSTATION we pride ourselves in serving as much sustainable and free range meat as possible. We also like to offer our guests variety and a selection of different beef. So it comes to Wagyu. Wagyu cows do not eat grass. To achieve the delicious flavour and structure in the Wagyu beef it means that these cattle, following Japanese tradition, are bred on grain, beer and every now and then a gentle massage. At the end of the day, not such a terrible life, but not free range. Our Wagyu beef comes from the ST Joseph's Hoeve farm in Venray. Here the cattle are raised naturally without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Instead plenty of love achieves an amazingly tender, delicious and juicy piece of beef. It is highly recommended.


Originating in the South-West of France, this breed is relatively young and is a cross between five breeds, The Garonnaise, Limousin, Charolais, Quercy and the Blonde du Pyrenees. Blonde D'Aquitaine deliver a superior meat structure, with a fine ´thread´ and very tender. With relatively high muscle density over the whole body, the Blonde D´Aquitaine has less fat and is lower in cholesterol than other breeds. Our Blondes come from a Co-Op shared farm in the region of Twente. Here the cattle are free to roam and graze during the summer months and when it is colder are moved to their hay sheds. With plenty of fresh air, space and a balanced diet these cattle live a good life.

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